Best Ways to Get a Promotion

Jan 17, 2023 · 4 mins read
Best Ways to Get a Promotion
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You might be feeling stuck in the same position at work and you crave a higher salary, a more prestigious job title, or more challenging tasks. It can be frustrating when you work hard every day but your boss doesn’t seem to notice your efforts. But don’t lose hope! There are still ways to climb the corporate ladder and achieve your dreams.

Here are four ways that can help you climb up.

1. Don’t worry about being promoted

One of the best ways to ensure that you get promoted and you get put in a leadership role is to not worry about getting promoted and getting put in a leadership role. The best thing you can do if you want to get promoted and you want to get put into a leadership role is to do a great job, work hard, support the team, and support the leadership that you’re working under. If you do those things, if you concentrate on supporting the team, you’re going to look like a great team member. And all leaders know that great team members, if given the right opportunity, will step up and turn into great team leaders.

2. Support the team

If you’re focused on your promotion, if you’re focused on being selected as a leader, you start to miss out on the things that are important parts of your job. In your mind, you think no one notices that you’re maneuvering and you’re trying to be noticed. When in reality, most of the time, when you’re trying to stand up above everyone else by putting your feet on their backs, everyone else on the team notices and they don’t like it. And when the opportunity comes for them to pull you down, they’re going to take it.

If the opposite is true and you’re there supporting the team and you’re there lifting others up and trying to help the entire organization win, you will get noticed for that. And when people have the opportunity to pull you up, they’re going to do that.

3. Share the Spotlight

One of the ways you can ensure that you’re not this person that’s standing up and looking for all the credit yourself is when you do receive some accolades. Instead of acknowledging them and saying, “Thank you. I’m aware that I’ve performed so exquisitely at my task,” you say, “Hey, I appreciate it, but it really wasn’t me. It was Jennifer and Mary and Joe. And they all did an outstanding job. In fact, Mary carried way more weight than I did on this project, and I really appreciated her help. And we appreciate the recognition that you’re giving this whole team, not just me.” Simple statement like that, it goes a long way.

4. Give Credit to your team

A lot of times people wonder, “Well, you know what? My boss is a person that wants all the credit. What do I do then?” And the answer is very simple and straightforward. My boss wants the credit. I give it to them. My goal is to make my boss look good. And in order to do that, I have to put my ego in check because that ego is screaming out, “I want! Hey, I did a bunch of work on this project. I deserve a bunch of that credit. You need to look at me, me, me.” Instead of saying that, you say, “Hey, boss, awesome work, great leadership. I can’t wait to attack another project.”

If you’re worried that you’re never going to go anywhere because your boss is going to get all the credit, don’t worry about that. You’re focused on the wrong thing. What you should be focused on is doing a good job yourself. And I promise you, in the long run, you will get the recognition you deserve. You will get the promotions you deserve.

Hey, am I saying that there is going to be some person that’s a brownnoser that’s always making themselves recognized when something goes well? They might get a promotion ahead of you. It could happen. But you wait three years, you wait two years, you wait six months. Those people fade very quickly. And the reason is no one wants to be on a team with people like that. And as soon as they are recognized as that type of individual, they’ll end up alone and you’ll end up in charge.

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